Mary Scobie

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Fun to come here and catch up on your work! Beautiful stuff as always :)
Nicole Moen - 6 Apr 2018
Beautiful paintings Mary! It was a pleasure to meet you in November and see some of your beautiful work at your home. The galleries here show a lovely diversity of very strong and pleasing work. Best wishes to you.
Rami Schandall - 4 Mar 2015
I love the directness and composition of your work. Let me know when you having a showing in Ottawa.
David Cronkite - 21 Jan 2014
Congratulations on your opening and "sold" art pieces. Your art works are beautiful . I like your colours ,light and shapes you put in each painting. Best wishes,Niramon
Niramon Prudtatorn - 12 Sep 2013
Lovely work Mary! my parents showed us your site,it is good to reconnect with you after so many years!
Donna-Claire McLeod - 9 Sep 2013
Beautiful work, Mary!!!!! I also love what you write about your art. So nice to meet you during the reunion in San Feancisco with Marty
Rebecca - 9 Oct 2012
Beautiful work Mary. Lovely site. I love your loose, bold style!
Dianne Bersea - 9 Aug 2011
Love Starfish Green Glass!!
Nicole Moen - 14 May 2011
Excellent work, makes you happy to be alive.
David Cronkite - 13 Feb 2011
Great to see your work on the internet. Hope you are both in fine spirits.
George Lewis & Judy Eggleton - 19 Dec 2010
Very beautiful expression in your paintings! A wonderful collection.
Maria Miranda Lawrence - 12 Oct 2010
Beautiful work, Mary! My favorite is of the three men sitting on the bench......reminds me of a photo I took in the main square of a small Italian town. What stories are they telling?!
Charlotte Brooks - 10 Aug 2010
Wonderful work, Mary. Thank you for sharing these online.
Mary Ingraham - 30 Jun 2010
wow, your art is beautiful. keep inspired
Randy Wachtin - 20 May 2010
My favorite is blue in the shadows, or the peony. Lovely work Mary.
Kristi Bridgeman - 27 Apr 2010
Love the colours and brushstrokes! Amazing work!
Martha Pollatsek - 27 Apr 2010
So wonderful to see your work on-line Mary! Such stunning paintings you do.
Nicole Moen - 26 Apr 2010
Ahhhh, breathtaking!!
Bill Hassel - 24 Apr 2010
A very impressive website. Beautiful pictures
Arlene McIntyre - 23 Apr 2010
Oh, Mary, these are gorgeous. Bravo!
Gretchen Markle - 9 Apr 2010
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